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The amount of games a pitch can host is directly related to how much grass cover is present, so the aim is to enter the playing season with 100 percent desirable grass cover. Having a full pitch of healthy, mature grass is the best defense against divoting and wear as the playing season progresses.

However, with all the best intentions and preseason planning in the world, once the playing season gets underway there are specific areas on fields that always get worn away or thinned. These would include goalmouths, sidelines, dugout areas and entrances/exits to a pitch.
In these areas, traffic can be so intense that grass cover is lost fairly quickly and regular overseeding becomes part of the routine maintenance schedule. The benefit of overseeding then is primarily associated with providing pitch users with a high-quality, wear-tolerant, dense turf. We carry out both initial seeding to a newly constructed pitch and over seeding to established surfaces.

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