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Sportspeople all over Ireland enjoy playing on a dry high quality surface but due to excessive rainfall most grass pitches will require an effective pitch drainage system to allow regular use throughout the playing season, this is not possible unless a well designed pitch drainage system is put in place.

We have installed over 1 million meters of drains over the past 25 years and counting!
Nagle Sports Turf can design and install a drainage system capable of hosting hurling, football, soccer and rugby training and matches all year round, as well as keeping golf course fairways open and racecourse meetings on schedule.

A modern drainage system consists of primary and secondary drainage.

There are two types of primary drains, lateral or carrier drains which are piped drains using perforated plastic pipes laid approximately 450-600mm below the surface in gravel filled trenches which are then finished to the surface with a 50mm binding layer of sand. These lateral drains then connect into the other type of primary drains which are called perimeter drains, the perimeter drain is typically excavated 750-1000mm below the surface and is finished in a similar way to the lateral drains.

Secondary drains are called gravel bands or slit drains, these drains are usually trenched at depths between 250-350mm and are stoned to within 50mm of the surface and finished with a binding layer of sand. Optimum results are achieved by carrying out both primary and secondary drainage.

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